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A child can not survive on love alone. There are other essentials they need from the parents simply to survive, such as shelter, food, water, school supplies, clothing, and more. That is why the first step to building a relationship with your minor child is to take responsibility through child support.

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In Oklahoma, both parents are legally required to financially support their child; however, not all parents may be required to make consistent child support payments to the state for disbursement to the child. Several factors are considered when determining the total child support obligation, the income of both parents, the custody arrangements that are in place, and all costs associated with the child, including insurance and child care.

Whether you need assistance with initiating child support for the first time, with ensuring your payment fits your means, with enforcing an existing support order, or with making modifications to support due to life changes, the Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law are the Choctaw child support attorneys you can count on.

Building a relationship with your child is only one half of the equation. It is even more important that they have their basic needs met through suitable financial support, and as a parent, it is your responsibility to provide that support. Our Choctaw, OK child support lawyers work to ensure both parents are contributing to the financial well-being of their child without putting either parent in a position of hardship.

Whether you are currently seeking support or looking to understand your responsibility, the Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is ready to assist you with quality legal guidance.

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Child Support Enforcement

Most support obligations will remain in effect until the child reaches the age of 18, or until they finish high school, whichever comes later.

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There are instances when child support may be extended, such as when the child has medical needs or disabilities that require them to have extended care into adulthood. Regardless of your situation, if Oklahoma courts have required you to provide support, you are legally required to do so until the time when that support obligation expires.

If you are not receiving the child support payments that are legally owed to you, there are legal actions that can be done to compel payment from the other parent. If a parent is behind in making their child support payments, we can ask the courts to apply a wage garnishment to ensure payments are made and made on time. If you face a situation such as a self-employed parent who does not have a traditional paycheck, there are methods we can take to help you get the payment you need, such as placing a lien against their home or business, or even seeking jail-time for nonpayment.

We aggressively fight for the financial support your child needs.

Child Support Modification

Most people don’t have the same exact living conditions for the entire 18 years they are supporting their child.

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Things change in life.

Sometimes you experience hardships that can make meeting your support obligations too difficult. Or there could be a time when the other parent is given a substantial promotion or raise.

Perhaps there are changes to custody agreements that alter how much time the child spends with each parent, such as due to relocation or prolonged illness.

All of these situations can swing the scales, requiring a new support calculation to be done.

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Family Law OfficeProviding financial support for your child is the basis for building a healthy, loving relationship. By adequately providing the resources your child needs to maintain a healthy and safe life, you are able to ensure that they have enough to eat, coats and shoes that fit, and get the access to medical care that they need. Financial support can also support your child emotionally. When they don’t have to worry about their basic care, they are more confident, can pay more attention in school, and are more secure in their relationship with you.

If you are seeking support for your child, want to take responsibility for your child, or are seeking enforcement or modification of existing orders, the dedicated Choctaw child support attorneys at the Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law are ready to assist you.

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