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Oklahoma City Child Custody Attorney

Protecting your relationship with your child is often the main concern of parents facing a divorce. The dedicated Oklahoma City child custody attorneys at Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards understand how meaningful the parent-child bond is for both parties. Whether you are a father seeking custody for the first time, a parent facing a divorce that wants to understand how custody applies to their case, or if you need modification of existing custody and time-sharing plans, we will provide experienced legal support.

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As dedicated and responsive child custody attorneys, we work hard to establish an equitable custody plan that works for your schedule and your life. There are many different potential outcomes to a custody case, from sole legal custody to joint legal and physical custody. Our experienced child custody law firm will assist you with determining what type of custody is most suitable for your case, will help you understand how custody will impact you and your relationship with your child, or can help you fight for initial custody or modify custody arrangements for your minor child.

Ideally, parents work together to develop a custody plan that works for them, which is then introduced into the courts for consideration or approval. However, not all parents are willing to work together, or sometimes emotions can run so high that planning together is not a practical solution. Our child custody lawyers help you work with the other parent to create a plan that is manageable for you, while allowing each parent an appropriate amount of time, depending on your unique situation.

Every custody situation is unique. Whether you are seeking sole primary custody for the safety of your child, or want to create a child custody arrangement that provides suitable relationship-building time for both parents, our Oklahoma City child custody attorneys can help.

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Oklahoma City Child Custody

In Oklahoma, there are two different concepts related to child custody: Legal Child Custody & Physical Child Custody.

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Physical custody relates to how the child’s time is divided between the two parents. This is the aspect most parents think of when the topic of custody is mentioned.

Legal custody, on the other hand, relates to decision-making rights regarding the child and will define how legal decisions regarding the child’s health, education, and financial well-being are made.

Each of these two elements can be granted solely to one parent or can be shared jointly between the two. So, even though you may have joint physical custody, one parent may still retain sole legal custody. We help you understand what is most applicable to your case and help you fight for the level of access and responsibility that you desire.

Sole Legal Custody

When sole legal child custody is granted to a parent, they are the only parent with the ability to make decisions regarding the health, safety, and education of the child.

The non-custodial parent must defer to the decisions made by the legal custodial parent, and does not legally have the right to make adjustments to the child’s education plan, religious upbringing, or modify medications or make other non-emergency health decisions without the consent of the parent with legal custody.

Joint Legal Custody

Typically, joint legal custody is the go-to standard for most child custody situations. This provides both parents with the ability to make decisions regarding the education, safety, and health of the child, without requiring input from the other parent.

Joint legal custody does not mean that both parents have to agree on every aspect of how the child is raised, which is challenging for any couple to accomplish. Instead, joint legal custody provides each parent with the right to make decisions for their child independent of the other parent’s wishes. However, if it is found that you are acting with the intent to harm the other parent instead of with the child’s best interests at heart, then the court may be asked to reverse this decision and reevaluate the custody decision.

Sole Physical Custody

mother and child at homeWhen sole physical custody is awarded to a parent, the child lives with them all or the majority of the time. This can lead to more stability in the life of the child, as they aren’t constantly uprooted, trying to keep track of who is picking them up that day, and where they are supposed to be. This is also a common solution for parents who no longer live physically near each other, making joint custody less feasible.

Just because you have sole physical custody does not automatically mean you will have sole legal custody as well. It is not uncommon for parents to split legal custody while one parent has sole physical custody, and the other has approved or scheduled visitation with the child. Sole custody does not mean that the other parent has no access to the child whatsoever, either. Most plans include a reasonable visitation schedule, such as weekend visitation, holiday visitation, and summer visitation, that provides each parent with time to grow their relationship with their child.

Joint Physical Custody

In some situations, it is possible for both parents to actively provide a loving home to their minor children that allows them to continue their normal routines, such as attending school or participating in extracurricular activities, with a reasonable transportation time from each parent’s home. If this is the case, then joint physical custody may be the best option.

Joint physical custody allows the child or children to spend an equitable amount of time with both parents, providing each parent with the ability to build a loving and supportive relationship with their child or children.

Custody arrangements should be determined with the best interests of the child at heart, as that is what Oklahoma courts will use as their main decision-making factor when choosing to put your plan in place or to modify it.

Determining Oklahoma Child Custody

father and childWhen Oklahoma courts award custody, there are many factors that contribute to their decision; however, the overriding goal is to determine a solution that is in the “best interests of the physical, mental, and moral welfare of the child.”

If one parent has a history of physical abuse, alcohol or substance abuse issues, is unable to provide a stable home life, or is otherwise unable or unwilling to either care for their child or make good legal decisions on their behalf, then their rights may be limited. Each situation is unique and is handled as such.

While no attorney can guarantee particular results, our Oklahoma child custody lawyers are motivated to fight for your rights of access to your minor child. Whether you require assistance with custody planning and strategy, preparing documentation to support your logic, or need a legal expert to deliver a compelling argument on your behalf, Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards will work diligently on your behalf.

Custody Modification & Enforcement

child traveling aloneEven after a custody plan has been determined and activated by the courts, everything may not always go to plan. There may be situations that arise that may require you to modify your custody agreement, such as changes to your employment or living arrangements.

Our dedicated child custody modification attorneys will review your desired modifications and help you create a new plan that will work well for your new schedule. Our goal is to help you achieve a relationship that suits your lifestyle and desires.

If your child’s other parent is not complying with defined and court-approved custody arrangments, such as refusing to drop the kids off on time, you have legal recourse. We can assist with all aspects of child custody, parental rights, and paternity.

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Family Law OfficeWe understand just how important it is to you to protect your relationship with your child. We know that you only want what is best for them, and for them to have the best life possible.

That is why we are motivated to help you achieve the best possible results from your Oklahoma City custody case. If you need assistance with custody as part of divorce proceedings, while working to establish your rights as a father, or need to make legally-binding adjustments or custody modifications, the dedicated child custody attorneys at Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards are the experts you can trust to support you.

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