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Piedmont Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence and domestic abuse are one of the secret dangers that many families face. When someone in your home is causing other’s harm, it can be painful to watch and even more complicated to handle.

Domestic Violence Attorney Oklahoma City

Many victims of domestic abuse aren’t sure what to do about abuse, and may even struggle with defining whether or not domestic violence has occurred. We all know that it is not okay for a husband to hit his wife. However, when does punishment from a parent to a child constitute domestic violence? What do you do if the violence isn’t physical, but consists of berating comments or controlling behavior? What if they only act this way sometimes?

While domestic violence seems like it should be cut and dry, more households struggle with this issue than you may think. The Piedmont domestic violence attorneys at the Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law are dedicated to assisting victims and their families by taking legal steps to stop the abuse.

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Legal Protection from Violence

From assisting with filing divorce proceedings to separate yourself from the situation to supporting you with filing for victim protective orders, your safety is our top priority.

child upset by fightingBeyond Victim Protective Orders (VPO), domestic violence is a legally punishable offense, meaning that there can be fines and jail time associated with perpetrating the abuse.

A first offense is punishable by a year in jail as well as a fine up to $5,000 as a misdemeanor offense, but other circumstances can cause it to be defined as a felony, leading to heftier sentencing. If the act of domestic violence was committed against a pregnant woman, in the presence of a child, with a deadly weapon, or if the perpetrator has a history of domestic abuse, the consequences can include multiple years of imprisonment.

We work hard to see to it that those who have harmed you are dealt the punishment that they deserve, and that you can rest easier without constant fear for your safety or the safety of your family.

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Family Law OfficeWe are dedicated to effectively helping you protect yourself and your family from domestic violence and abuse. If someone in your household, someone who lived with you previously, or someone that you had an intimate relationship with is causing you harm or even just discomfort, we can help.

From assisting with divorce to filing protective orders and ensuring that those who have hurt you get the punishment that they deserve, the Piedmont domestic violence lawyers at the Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law are here to aggressively protect you.

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