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Wheatland Paternity Attorney

Building or maintaining a relationship with your minor child is important to any parent and can legally be more challenging for a father, especially if he is not married to or living with the child’s mother.

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Just because you aren’t or are no longer in a relationship with your child’s mother doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the right to a loving, healthy relationship with your minor children. The dedicated father’s rights attorneys at Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards fight diligently as your paternity lawyers, working to establish paternity, help you navigate your child support obligation, and develop an equitable child custody plan.

Our goal is to ensure that children everywhere are able to benefit from having an attentive father that is dedicated and motivated to supporting them throughout their life. We look forward to providing you with quality legal support, dedicated assistance, and aggressive assistance when needed to actively defend your rights as a father and parent.

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Establishing Paternity & Father’s Rights

In Wheatland, OK, an unmarried father has no legal rights to his minor child until paternity has been legally acknowledged, even if he is named as the father on the legal birth certificate.

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In order for a father to establish a legal relationship with their child, there are several steps that must be taken. Before a father can fully enjoy the rights of time-sharing and access, he must first prove himself willing to take on the responsibilities associated with being a parent.

Before any legal action regarding custody or support is taken, paternity must first be established, proving that he is the rightful and biological father of the child. Paternity is not always contested, and if both parents agree that he is the father, this is usually enough to establish parentage. However, if either parent doubts the man’s role as the natural father, a paternity test can be requested or ordered for a more definitive answer.

Just because you have legally been established as the child’s father does not mean that you automatically enjoy the rights of a married parent. You must first prove your willingness to support the child by adhering to a child support payment that is intended to improve the child’s quality of life, just as any father would be expected to do.

From this point, you can seek to build a legally-protected relationship with your child by establishing a custody plan with your attorney for approval by the court system.

A father may seek to have a relationship with their child at any time. However, without having the legal support of the Oklahoma court, the mother of the child can choose to deny access or communication with the child for any or no reason whatsoever. An experienced Wheatland paternity attorney, like the dedicated family lawyers at Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards, will advocate for and help to protect your right to a loving and supportive relationship with your minor child.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Father’s that were never married to the mother of their child aren’t the only ones who struggle with establishing their rights regarding their children. Divorced fathers can face the same issues of child custody and child support; however, they are assumed to be the biological father of the couple’s shared children, meaning that proving paternity is not necessary.

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Having a father that is invested in building a relationship with their child can have substantial positive impacts on a child’s mental well-being and emotional growth. Divorce raises a lot of questions for both parents and children. Being able to reassure your child that they will not lose their relationship with you can mean a lot to their sense of security during this complex period.

Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards is here to provide competent and zealous legal support and representation throughout all matters related to your divorce. From asset distribution to developing a custody plan that meets your lifestyle, our goal is to ensure you are able to build the best life possible for you and your children post-divorce.

Wheatland Paternity Lawyer

Paternity actions can be initiated by either the mother or the father of the child. The father can start the process in order to obtain rights related to custody and access of their child, while the mother can use the process to establish a legal child support responsibility.

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A man who is denying paternity may also need the support of a paternity attorney. You may have discovered new information that has caused you to question what before you considered to be fact, or may be named by the mother as the father when you know it to be untrue.

This can be particularly tricky, especially if you have already established a parental-style relationship with the child in question. Basically, once you have assumed parentage, it is not as easy to take it back, mainly because the child is the one with the most to lose in that situation. The courts are reluctant to leave a child fatherless simply because he now questions the faithfulness of his past spouse or partner.

We can help you calmly navigate this complex issue. Whether you have been acting as the father of the child, or have just now discovered the child’s existence, we can help you make smart decisions regarding the next steps in the paternity process.

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Family Law OfficeEvery child deserves a caring father, and every father deserves the right to show their child they care. If you are dealing with establishing paternity, protecting your right to custody of your minor child, or want to fulfill your obligation to support your child financially, the paternity attorneys at Law Office of Lisé L. Edwards are dedicated and motivated to assist you.

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