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Wheatland Adoption

Wheatland Adoption paternity segment 300x199Adoption in Wheatland is regulated by the state: the process, requirements of prospective parents, home residency or home study, consent requirements for the adoptees, and everything related to adoption.

If you wish to adopt a child within or from another country or encounter any predicament regarding your adoption, it will be helpful if you hire an Wheatland, OK adoption law attorney to work on your rights. The regulations and standards of adoption slightly vary from one state to another in the US. Read on to learn more about the different adoption laws.

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Adoption Laws

Wheatland Adoption child support segment 300x199Adoption types have potential pitfalls. Here are the general adoption laws in the US:

Adoption Fraud

Unbelievably, fraudulent acts also occur in the adoption of children. Adoption fraud or wrongful adoption pertains to an illegal act of someone amidst the adoption process that aims to obtain financial or personal gain. Biological and potential adoptive parents are not the only ones who can be involved in adoption fraud. It can also include adoption agencies, facilitators, etc.

Fraudulent adoptions usually occur when adoptive parents state that they’ve made the wrong decision to adopt due to the agency’s failure to provide complete information concerning the child’s background. In other cases, birth mothers scam prospective parents by taking financial support and pregnancy-related sustenance in exchange for the child.

Adoption fraud can be considered as a felony and be charged with theft by deception. This crime is punishable by fines or up to 20 years in prison.

Safe Haven Laws

Safe haven laws aim to allow birth mothers to yield their rights as a parent by turning their child over to state custody rather than abandoning them. Unwanted infants can be taken care of in custody in a secure manner. States decide and designate where children can be sent. They can also contact the parent who is not involved in the relinquishing of the right to become a parent—usually, the father of the child. This is to be certain that they have the opportunity to recover custody.

Types of Adoption

Wheatland Adoption support segment 300x199Adoptive parents should first consider what type of adoption they should make. There has to be no room for any wrong decision, as adoption can be a very highly emotional process for both parties. Here are the definitions of three different types of adoption, according to FindLaw.

  • Confidential Adoption: No contact between birth and adoptive families; only nonidentifying information (e.g., height, hair color, medical history, etc.) is delivered through a third party (e.g., agency or attorney).
  • Mediated (Semi-open) Adoption: Nonidentifying contact is made (via cards, letters, pictures) through a third party (e.g., agency or attorney).
  • Open Adoption: Direct interaction between birth and adoptive families. Identities are known.

Oklahoma Adoption Laws

According to Oklahoma statutes, any individual below 12 years old can be adopted, whereas 12-year old and above should provide their consent first before an adoption can be granted. Adoption in the state requires either of the three: a married couple, an unmarried individual over 21, or a married individual over 21 who can be legally separated from his/her partner.

There is a directory of services in the state and relevant code on adoption provided by The Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Here are some details of adoption laws in Oklahoma:

  • Any individual can be adopted; any adult with his permission
  • Age that requires child consent: 12 years and older
  • Who may adopt: Husband and wife; any parent of a child; an unmarried person 21 years above; married person 21 years or older who is legally separated from spouse
  • Home Residency Required Before Finalization of Adoption? 6 months, discretionary
  • State Agency/Court: Department of Human Services/District
  • Statute of Limitations to Challenge: One year

Call an Wheatland Adoption Law Attorney

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